How to write content in your Resume?

How to write content in your resume?

Writing a resume can be very confusing. There is a lot of information that needs to go in a limited space, so we need to ensure that we deliver it in a concise manner that will result in your resume standing out.

Here are a few tips that you can follow while writing your resume:

  1. Use relevant Keywords — A lot of companies use the Applicant Tracking system to ease out their hiring process. The ATS can eliminate candidate’s resumes that do not have the matching keywords with the particular job description.
  2. Use right action verbs — Now this is a secret weapon and if used well, has the capabilities of transforming your resume. The right use of verbs can make you appear strong and powerful. For example, the sentence is ‘In-charge of the sales team’, this can be transformed using powerful verbs, ‘Directed and Trained the sales team’.
  3. Use active voice — Using an active voice makes a lot of difference. It helps in being more direct, concise, and sounds more professional while focusing on you. Eg: Active — I achieved the target; Passive — The target was achieved by me.
  4. Use past tense — Always use past tense while writing in your resume. Use present tense only while describing your current role.
  5. Quantify and use numbers — It is important to quantify your achievements as it helps the recruiter/employer understand your achievements in exact numbers, without any hassle.
  6. Avoid using pronouns — Avoid using personal pronouns like I, me, etc. in your resume this helps in keeping the resume more direct and concise. For example, the sentence ‘I launched a marketing campaign’ can be made more concise and direct by removing the pronoun ‘I’ and it can be written as ‘Launched a marketing campaign.
  7. Correct grammar usage — This one goes without saying, always double-check the grammar in your resume. Ensure that all the information and data added is grammatically correct.
  8. Proofread multiple times — Proofread your resume every time before sending it out for a specific job role, so as to ensure that it presents the relevant information with respect to the job role.

With this, you know the way of writing a resume, so let’s get started with this free resume builder with unique features —