How to make a great LinkedIn profile?

If you’re looking for a job or some career advancement, you need a LinkedIn profile. It is the largest professional network. However, having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. You need a LinkedIn profile that draws attention and helps you connect with people that can help you with your career.

A simple guide to sections of a resume

A resume is like a menu card expressing all the skills and talents that you can bring to the table. A good resume is one that is successful in ensuring that your important skills, experience, and qualifications are understood by the recruiter/employers easily. …

A resume is more than putting together your educational qualifications, skills you possess, and work experience. It is your most valued marketing document when you are on a job hunt, this is the first thing that reaches the hiring manager.

Employers see a lot of resumes and that is why…

How your resume speaks on your behalf?

Resumes make a quick but lasting first impression, as it’s the first thing a recruiter/employer sees. This one-pager summarizes your journey and is a gateway to the interview. It highlights everything about you in a concise manner, but let us understand how resumes play a significant role.

Here are some…

People often confuse between CVs and resumes — there’s a notable difference between the two. A CV contains entire information about your profile, experiences, qualifications, etc, whereas a resume is made specifically to highlight those skills that fit the job profile you are applying for.

To avoid this confusion, we…

How does the Leaderboard work?

From a sea of quality projects on GrowVation, how will the users, reviewers, companies and recruiters find the projects they are looking for?

Yes! Using the Leaderboard!

Based on a highly refined engagement criteria, this Leaderboard leaves no project behind, and defined further by its various categories and sub-categories, all…

Keep Calm Innovators,

Ennovate is back!

Pull up your socks for the Second Wave of Opportunities! Ennovate 2.0, a National level Online Innovation Competition, is here for Engineers, Innovators and Disruptors to bring all their cards on the table and show the best they’ve got.

Ennovate 1.0, organised by GrowVation…


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