8 steps to build your resume

As you already know that a resume speaks for yourself, make sure it helps you stand out. Here is a step by step process for creating your perfect resume using GrowVation’s resume builder -

Step 1: Sign-up on GrowVation — Create your account on GrowVation and complete your profile setup.

Step 2: Choose a template — After the profile setup is completed, you’ll be taken to your profile page. On scrolling, you will find multiple templates under the resume section. Select your favorite template to enter the resume builder.

Step 3: Basic Information & Contact details — The basic information and the contact details are the compulsory sections of your resume that will be pre-filled based on your responses during GrowVation profile setup. You can edit/update any information.

Step 4: Finalize sections — Finalize the other sections that you want to include in your resume. Review this article to get insights on different resume sections and what sections do you need to include as a professional or fresher.

Step 5: Navigate & fill in Information — Navigate through all sections and write relevant content in a concise way. Your resume’s real-time preview is visible to you throughout the process to showcase your resume’s progress and help you manage your resume in a better and efficient way.

Following are the tips you can use for framing your content:

  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Use verbs to start your sentence
  • Use keywords that are relevant for the job description
  • Use numbers to demonstrate your performance-record
  • Use active voice

Step 6: Select theme-color and font — You have a choice of 10 color- themes and 5 font options to choose from GrowVation’s resume builder.

Step 7: Proofread — Check for the grammar, use of verbs, keywords, amount of information, and relevance of the resume content with respect to the job you’re applying for. Go through all the do’s and don’ts in a resume to double-check that you have not missed anything.

Step 8: Download your resume — You can download your resume for offline use once you feel it is ready. Also, you get a unique link to your resume that you can further share on online platforms to get attention from potential recruiters.

What after building your resume?

To make the most out of GrowVation, mark yourself as “Open to Opportunity”, this will highlight your profile in front of the recruiters who are constantly on the hunt for talents. If a company finds your profile relevant to the vacancy, they can directly send an interview request to you, even without you applying for it.

Now that you’re equipped with the handy guideline, let’s get started already — https://growvation.com/resume-builder




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